The Xfuzzy 3 development environment

The ANSI-C code generation tool - Xfc

The tool xfc generates an ANSI-C representation of the fuzzy system. The tool can be executed from the command line, with the expression "xfc file.xfl [out_dir]", or from the Synthesis menu in the main window of the environment. Since the generation of the ANSI-C representation does not need any additional information, this tool does not implement a specific graphical user interface; only a window will appear that allows selecting the directory in which the generated files will be stored.

Given the specification of a fuzzy system in the XFL3 format, systemname.xfl, the tool generates two files: systemname.h, containing the definition of the data structures, and systemname.c, containing the C functions that implement the fuzzy inference system.

For a fuzzy system with global input variables i0, i1, ..., and global output variables o0, o1, ..., the inference function included in the systemname.c file is:

void systemnameInferenceEngine(double i0, double i1, ..., double *o0, double *o1, ...);

The inference function can be used in external C projects by including the header file (systemname.h) into them.

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