XFL3: The Xfuzzy 3 specification language

Crisp blocks

A crisp block is a module which describes a non-fuzzy operation among some variables. In general, they use to be single operation such as sum, difference, product, etc. This kind of mathematical operations are commonly found in real problems where system variables needs to be combined in some way to adapt them to be used by a rulebase or to generate the output values of the system.

Crisp block definitions are encapsulated into a XFL3 object called crisp. Only one object crisp may appear in a system specification. The definition format of the object crisp in XFL3 is as follows:

crisp {
   identifier crisp_function(parameter_list);
   identifier crisp_function(parameter_list);
   ............. } 
The format of the crisp_function identifier is similar to the operator identifier, that is, "package.function" or simply "function" if the package which contains the definition of the crisp function has been already imported.

  crisp {
   difference xfl.diff2();
   summation xfl.addN(3);

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