XFL3: The Xfuzzy 3 specification language

System global behavior

The description of the system global behavior means to define the global input and output variables of the system as well as the modular hierarchy. This description is as follows in XFL3:

system (input_list : output_list) {
   module_identifier(inputs : outputs);
   module_identifier(inputs : outputs);
  ............. } 

The definition format of the global input and output variables is the same format employed in the definition of the rule bases. The inner variables that may appear establish serial or parallel interconnections among the modules. Inner variables must firstly appear as output variables of a module before being employed as input variables of other modules. Modules can refer to rule bases or to crisp blocks.

  system (Type1 x, Type2 y : Type3 z) {
      rulebase1( x, y : inner1);
      rulebase2( x, y : inner2);
      difference(inner1, inner2 : inner3);
      rulebase3(inner3 : z);

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