Release Notes V 3.0

Changes in version 3.0.0 with respect to 2.X

  1. The environment has been completely reprogrammed using Java.

  2. A new specification language, called XFL3, has been defined. Some of the improvements with respect to XFL are the following:

    1. A new kind of object, called operator set, has been incorporated to assign different functions to the fuzzy operators.

    2. Linguistic hedges, which describe more complex relationships among the linguistic variables, have also been included.

    3. User can now extend not only the functions assigned to fuzzy connectives and defuzzification methods, but also to membership functions and linguistic hedges.

  3. The edition tool can now define hierarchical rule bases.

  4. The 2-D and 3-D representation tools do not require gnuplot.

  5. A new monitor tool has been added to study the system behavior.

  6. The learning tool includes many new learning algorithms.

Known bugs in version 3.0

  1. The file selection window throws a NullPointerException when executing Xfuzzy under Ms-Windows and Java 1.4. (This bug can be avoided using an older version of the Java environment, like 1.2 or 1.3)

  2. (xfedit) Membership functions edition sometimes provokes the error "Label already exists".

  3. (xfedit) Rules bases edition produces an error upon applying the modifications twice.

  4. (xfedit, xfmt) The hierarchical structure of the system is not drawn correctly when an internal variable is used both as input to the rulebase and as output variable.

  5. (xfsim) The end conditions upon the system input variables are not correctly verified.

  6. (tools) The command-mode execution of the different tools does not admit absolute path to identify files.

  7. (XFL3) The "definedfor" clause is not verified by the defuzzification methods.

  8. (xfcpp) Some compilers do not admit that the methods of the class Operatorset be called "and", "or" or "not".

  9. (xfsl) The clustering process may generate new membership functions whose parameters do not comply with the restrictions due to rounding errors. 

  10. (tools) Sometimes some windows of the tools are not drawn correctly and it is necessary to modify the size of these windows to force a correct representation.


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