Download Xfuzzy 3

System requirements:

Xfuzzy can be executed on platforms containing the Java Runtime Environment. For defining new function packages, a Java Compiler is also needed. The Java Software Development Kit, including JRE, compiler and many other tools can be found at

Installation guide:
  • Download the XfuzzyInstall.jar file.

  • Execute this file. When using MS-Windows this is just to click on the file icon. In general this file can be executed with the command "java -jar XfuzzyInstall.jar". This will open the following window:

  • Choose a folder to install Xfuzzy. If this directory does not exist, it will be created in the installation process.

  • Choose the folder of java executables (java, javac, jar, etc.). This is usually the "/bin" subfolder of the Java installation folder.

  • Choose a browser to show help files.

  • Click on the Install button. This will uncompress the Xfuzzy distribution on the selected base folder.

  • The Xfuzzy executables are located in the "/bin" folder.

  • The executable files are script programs. Do not change the location of the Xfuzzy distribution, otherwise these script files will not work.

Xfuzzy Distribution Kits:


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