H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network for the research on Advanced Hardware/Software Components for Integrated/Embedded Vision Systems


IMASENIC Advanced Imaging S.L. is a new startup but can count on decades of experience in designing advanced CMOS Image Sensors for the most demanding applications. His founders designed the Kirana sensor, an ultra-high speed, megapixel CMOS image sensors able to record videos at 5 Mfps. This sensor is the innovative part who brought the UK company Specialised Imaging Ltd The Queen's Awards for Enterprises: Innovation 2016. Dr Renato Turchetta, the CEO and one of the founders of IMASENIC, is a recognized world-expert in the field of CMOS imaging. He designed the wafer-scale CMOS image sensor which is now commercialized by vivaMOS Ltd, another UK start-up, which is successfully making its way into the demanding and competitive area of X-ray medical imaging. The other founder, Dr Adria Bofill, who is also CTO of IMASENIC, was previously senior engineering manager in Broadcom. He brings to the company the expertise in delivering products to demanding customers, including some of the most demanding, and famous, consumer companies. IMASENIC has a deep knowledge of imaging applications and a strive for innovation. It is very well linked with industry as well as the academic and scientific world, where often very demanding applications call for innovation which will then see its way in the consumer world. Bio-medical imaging is another area where IMASENIC will make an impact thanks to its IPs which can deliver outstanding image quality in an area where image quality has been fairly constant for a good number of years. IMASENIC can also bring the experience in smart pixels as well as photon counting, areas which are only just starting to see their way outside research laboratories.

Key people

Renato Turchetta (CEO of IMASENIC)

Adria Bofill (CTO of IMASENIC)