H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network for the research on Advanced Hardware/Software Components for Integrated/Embedded Vision Systems

Projected events

Scientific course on ‘CMOS image sensors’

Coimbra, June 2018

Co-located with WASC 2018, this course will include specific lectures on: i) Light detection in semiconductors, ii) CMOS image senor architectures, iii) Noise in CMOS imagers and iv) Time-of-flight detection in CMOS. The mission of this course is to provide a wide background on CMOS image sensors for all the ESR’s, enabling them to understand the propagation of specifications and limitations across the system hierarchy.


Seminar on ‘Sociological impact of surveillance technologies’

Coimbra, June 2018

Also co-located with WASC 2018. It will be dedicated to the analysis of the effects of continuous monitoring on society and human relations, from an ethical and from a legal point or view. Understanding of these effects is the first step towards public engagement and the development of sustainable innovation in this field. This seminar includes lectures on i) Privacy-aware monitoring, ii) Legal framework for surveillance, iii) Psychologic effects of constant monitoring and iv) Key points for a guide on the ethical use of surveillance technology.


PhD Forum within the ICDSC 2018

Enindhoven, September 2018

Organisation and participation of ESR’s in the PhD Forum of the ICDSC 2018. We will promote the participation of the ESR’s of ACHIEVE-ITN in order to provide the context for a hands-on training on reporting and presentation skills.


Scientific course in ‘Feature Learning in Embedded Systems’

Rennes, June 2019

This training event will be co-located with WASC 2019. This course will include specific lectures on: i) Convolutional neural networks, ii) Hardware accelerators for deep learning inference, iii) Dataflow model of computation and iv) High-level synthesis tools. Materials of the courses will be extended to the format of a massive online open course (MOOC), as an action to increase the impact of ACHIEVE-ITN, the dissemination of the results and to contribute to the open science initiative.


Scientific course ‘Cooperative Multi-Camera Computer Vision’

Ghent, September 2019

This training event will be co-located with ACIVS 2019. Prof. Wilfried Philips belongs to the Steering Committee and can propose this course to be co-located with the conference. This course includes lectures on: i) Cooperative multi-view tracking and re-identification, ii) High level scene and behaviour analysis, iii) Global scene modelling and iv) High-level metadata-based networking.


Seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation

Brussels, September 2019

A seminar on ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ will be held with the participation of all the ESR’s. The Recruitment and Training Board (RTB) has to interview the ESR’s to evaluate the progress of their respective Personal Career Development Plans and to assess the quality of the training received outside of their host institution. In this context, we will organize the seminar, whose contents will include: i) ‘Open Science’ principles, ii) Public engagement, iii) Closing the gender gap and iv) Ethics in scientific research.

Special session on ‘CAS for the Vision-Enabled IoT’

Seville, May 2020

Organisation and participation of ESR’s in a Special Session on ‘Circuits and Systems for the Vision-Enabled IoT’ as part of ISCAS 2020. The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2020 edition will be held in Seville and Prof. Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez from the Institute of Microelectronics of Seville will be the General Chair. ISCAS is the flagship conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. This year’s edition, 2017, is dedicated to innovation. As a novelty, several innovation themes have been incorporated to the technical program to complement the traditional track scheme. Amongst the seven innovation themes: internet of things, cognitive computing & deep learning, analogue and digital senses, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and UAVs and smart buildings and cities. ACHIEVE-ETN is aligned with these innovation themes and we think ISCAS will be a good opportunity to disseminate the results of the research programme. We will propose the Special Session and try to find support from the IEEE-CAS Technical Committee on sensory Systems. Networking and practicing scientific communication skills are guaranteed.


Seminar on ‘IPR, Licensing and Transference’

Dijon, June 2020

This training event will be co-located with WASC 2020, or will be celebrated in Dijon, France, if co-location is not possible. It will be dedicated to IPR management and the transfer of technology, either by licensing or by the creation of technology-based start-ups. This seminar will include specific lectures on i) Management of IP Assets, ii) Technology transfer iii) Start-up creation and iv) Innovation ecosystems.



Special session & demos on ‘Cooperative Multi-Camera Systems’

Ghent, September 2020

Organisation and participation of ESR’s in a Special Session on ‘Cooperative Multi-Camera Systems’ in ACIVS 2020. The conference topics in last year’s edition were: image and video processing, multidimensional image processing, image and video analysis and image and video coding. These topics are related with the other end of the distributed video system hierarchy. We will propose the Special Session and promote the participation and the presentation of demonstrators of the results of the individual research projects


Joint Academic/Industrial Workshop in Silicon Valley

Menlo Park, June 2021

Organisation and participation of all the ESR’s in a joint Academic/Industrial Workshop to be celebrated at the Silicon Valley in California. The organiser will be Prof.  Miguel Arias-Estrada, founder of Prefixa Inc. which is one of the partner organisations in ACHIEVE-ETN. In this workshop there will be technical presentations as well as tutorial sessions oriented to introduce the ESR’s to the world of technology-based start-ups and the innovation ecosystem of the Silicon Valley. We will look for the participation of companies in our field, innovators and venture capitalists. The Workshop will be scheduled to coincide with the Embedded Vision Summit, the annual meeting of the Embedded Vision Alliance, in an attempt to draw attention to our programme. ESR’s will have the possibility to look for a continuation of the research and innovation activities from the private sector.


Evaluation of the training at ACHIEVE-ITN Final Meeting

Seville, May 2020                                                                          

This event is the evaluation of the results by the RTB, which has to meet as the rest of the boards for a Final Review Meeting at the end of the Action.