H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network for the research on Advanced Hardware/Software Components for Integrated/Embedded Vision Systems

Events 2018

Image Sensor Europe 2018

London, March 2018

Two representatives from the Network —Ricardo Carmona-Galán from IMSE (CSIC- Univ. Sevilla) and Renato Turchetta (CEO of IMASENIC, Barcelona)— delivered talks at one of the key events for the imaging technology industry: Image Sensor Europe 2018.

This conference attracts a wide range of companies from across the digital imaging supply chain. From end users to camera system suppliers, sensor design houses and technology developers. This event focuses on technical aspects of image sensors, placing the innovations in a business context.

Ricardo Carmona talked about efficient low-level feature extraction at sensor level, a research line long pursued in his research group. Renato Turchetta provided an inspiring talk about how smart applications trigger for smart sens



GTC Nvidia  Europe 2018

Munich, October 2018

The annual CPU Technology Conference EU took  place at the International Messe in Munich. Attendees discussed  the coming tendencies in GPU-based hardware-accelerated high-performance computing. Nvidia presented further the  Jetson Xavier® heterogeneous, hardware based on  the Volta architecture equipped with an ARM64  CPU and a Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA).  Nvidia also presented more features on both  TensorRT® low precision training and CuDNN®  libraries.

During the keynote, CEO Jensen Huang, highlighted real-time ray-tracing in the area of computer graphics. The Institut Pascal as member of the UCA partnership discussed with the team of Nvidia France collaborations for future research in heterogeneous systems.