H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network for the research on Advanced Hardware/Software Components for Integrated/Embedded Vision Systems


Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA) is a multidisciplinary higher education institution located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. UCA is participating on behalf of the Institut Pascal joint research unit of CNRS. Institut Pascal works particularly on multi-sensor perception, computer vision, mobile and industrial robots and embedded vision systems with hardware and software aspects. One of the main industrial applications of Institut Pascal is the design of intelligent vehicles operating in urban or industrial areas. These vehicles are equipped with accurate and low cost localization systems based on cameras and integrate automatic navigation-guidance in dense environments. Within Institut Pascal, DREAM (dream.ispr-ip.fr) is a team working on hardware and software development of advanced computer vision architectures. The team, formed in 2008, performs research in the following areas: design of smart cameras, image processing architectures, software methods and tools for embedded systems, and many-core architectures.

Key people

François Berry (Full Professor)

Jocelyn Sérot (Full Professor)

Maxime Pelcat (Associate Professor)