ICDSC 2015
9th International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
in cooperation with ACM/SIGBED
September 8 - 11, 2015, Seville, Spain

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Smart camera networks are becoming a fundamental piece of our intelligent cities, buildings and homes, progressively inserting themselves in our lives. From smart surveillance systems composed of a multitude of smart camera nodes to small wearable cameras able to render a visual log of our daily experience. These devices interact with each other and with a wealth of other smart stuff, and of course the internet. This rapid development is being possible thanks to the convergence of several technologies. From advanced image sensors and vision chips to embedded vision systems capable of efficient feature extraction, image encoding and wireless transmission of the relevant visual content. This opens the door to new application domains, where video analytics and the extraction of semantic information from the scene is performed in a distributed fashion, implementing a new type of cooperative and/or collaborative vision, and even fusing visual information with other sensory data.

The International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC) ---that is in its 9th edition--- is the appropriate forum to discuss recent advances and open issues in these topics. After the successful events celebrated in Venice (2014), Palm Springs (2013), Hong Kong (2012), Ghent (2011), Atlanta (2010), Como (2009), Stanford (2008) and Vienna (2007), this year ICDSC will be held in Seville, Spain ---sponsored by the University of Seville, in-cooperation with ACM/SIGBED.
The Conference scope is defined by the folowing topics:

Smart image sensors and vision chips

  • Circuits and systems for image sensing
  • Parallel processing hardware
  • Hardware/software co-design for embedded vision
  • Reconfigurable vision processing architectures
  • High-performance image sensors

Emerging applications and case studies

  • Vision-based smart environments
  • Surveillance and tracking applications
  • Distributed multimedia and gaming applications
  • Position discovery and middleware applications
  • Context-aware networks
  • Sports

Smart camera and network architectures

  • Camera system designs and architectures
  • Image sensing/processing for smart cameras
  • Architectures for camera networks
  • Embedded vision programming
  • Distributed video coding

Mobile Vision

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Sensing for mixed/augmented reality
  • Structure-from-motion in mobile devices
  • Visual landmark localization
  • Object recognition
  • Egovision

Distributed computer vision

  • Distributed video analytics
  • Resource management and task allocation
  • Multi-sensor data aggregation
  • Collaborative extraction, information fusion
  • Edge and cloud computing

Visual sensor networks

  • Active vision
  • Self-reconfiguring camera networks
  • Wireless and mobile image sensor networks
  • Topology discovery
  • Social media and big data

Proceedings of ICDSC 2015 will be published at the ACM Digital Library within the International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS)

Extended versions of selected papers from the conference will be published in a Special Section on "Advances on Distributed Smart Cameras" of the SPIE's Journal of Electronic Imaging (JCR-indexed)


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