*   SERIAL AER LVDS LINKS (Zamarreño 2011)

  • A full serial AER LVDS link has been designed in AMS 0.35micron technology.

The transmitter block serializes the AER word using Manchester encoding and transmits it through an LVDS driver. The transmitter area is 0.35x0.375mm2.

The receiver block includes an LVDS receiver and a deserializer that converts the Manchester encoded serial AER data back to a parallel AER format. The receiver area is 0.9x0.38mm2.

The link includes mechanisms to adapt it to the AER particularities: management of handshaking Ack/Rqst signals, power saving during pauses optimized for sparse event transmission, quick recovery (zero-bit delay) after pauses

 A bit rate transmission of 0.67Gps has been measured.


  • High-Speed Switchable Current-Mode LVDS Driver/Receiver Pair  with sub-ns wake-up time (Zamarreño 2012)
  • High-Speed Switchable Voltage-Mode LVDS Driver/Receiver Pair with 1.5ns wake-up time