The behavioral models included in SIMSIDES have been compiled and tested in a number of operating systems, including Mac OS X, UNIX (Solaris), Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit system platforms have been successfully tested in the majority of them.

Although SIMSIDES was originally developed using MATLABĀ© 6.5 and SIMULINKĀ© 5, the toolbox has been updated and successfully used in a number of MATLAB/SIMULINK versions in the last years.


  NOTE(1) for Linux/Mac users: some icons and diagrams of SIMSIDES may not be properly displayed in some versions of MATLAB installed in Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
In order to fix this problem, just type the following in the MATLAB command window:


set_param(0,'CharacterEncoding', 'windows-1252')



NOTE(2) for MATLAB users with versions beyond 2011b. Some bug issues have been detected in the SIMSIDES Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MATLAB versions beyond 2011b. Although the behavioral models are fully operative, in order to fix these GUI issues, follows these steps:



Go to SIMSIDES/gui folder in your local installation of SIMSIDES
2) Open and edit a file named lbox2.m
3) Change the following line:
    [path,name,ext,ver] = fileparts(filename);
  by the following line:
    [path,name,ext] = fileparts(filename);
4) Save the changes in lbox2.m



A free copy of SIMSIDES can be downloaded from this web site after filling in the on-line registration/request form and accepting the terms and conditions for using SIMSIDES detailed here.

Once you agree to comply with the SIMSIDES Agreement and after checking the information included in your
on-line registration form, download instructions will be sent to you by e-mail to download SIMSIDES software, included in a zip file named

The installation of SIMSIDES is very easy by following these steps:

  • Uncompress the file to a folder of your computer hard disk.
  • Start MATLAB software.
  • Set the MATLAB search path in order to add the installation directory where you have uncompressed the file Save the search path including such a directory and all its subdirectories. This procedure must be done only the first time SIMSIDES is installed in the hard disk.
  • In order to start SIMSIDES, type simsides at the MATLAB prompt.