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Digital and Mixed Integrated Circuits Design (UDDM) group belongs to the Institute of Microelectronics in Seville (IMSE). IMSE has a broad experience in the design of advanced Integrated Circuits under different technologies. In the last 20 years IMSE has fabricated 150 ASIC prototypes, being one of the main institutions in the EUROPRACTICE ranking.

The IMSE group is very active in the design of VLSI hardware for security. Among its research lines are the design of Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) and high-performance ciphers, vulnerability analysis and countermeasures design against physical attacks (side channel analysis and fault attacks) of hardware implementations of cryptocircuits. UDDM consists of 7 senior researches and several technicians for assistance in laboratories.



IMSE has laboratories for logical, electrical, functional and thermal characterization of mixed signal ICs, RF, optoelectronic and Cybersecurity. Of special interest are the cryptohardware and the pulsed laser laboratory.
The cryptohardware laboratory contains test equipment and a Matlab-based control setup for analyzing the vulnerability of cryptocircuits against active and passive side channel attacks. It has equipment that generates arbitrary signals, electromagnetic probes for emitting and measuring radiation, instruments to measure the power consumption as well as the basic instruments for generating and capturing both analog and digital signals.
The Pulsed Laser Laboratory is dedicated to the study of the so-called Single-Events Effects (SEEs), produced by the impact of high energy particles on semiconductor circuits and devices. The single photon technique and a 1064nm wavelength are used for the study of SEEs in the fault attack of crypto-circuits.

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IMSE CAD tools and technologies

As a member of the Europractice EC initiative, IMSE is licensed to use tools of leading CAD companies (Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, among others). These tools cover all stages of the design flow (verification, synthesis and place & route), for both analog and digital designs. IMSE also has access to several ASIC technologies within the Europractice IC service. The IMSE technical staff performs the tasks of installation and configuration of CAD tools and technology libraries.

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