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Sigma-Delta Converters:
Practical Design Guide

Wiley-IEEE Press

Additional Material and Electronic Resources


SIMSIDES: A Time-Domain Behavioral Simulator for Sigma-Delta Modulators in MATLAB/SIMULINK

SIMSIDES is freely available on the following web side:

This web site includes the software description, examples, user guide and related publications as well as an on-line registration with download and installation instructions. The behavioral models included in SIMSIDES have been compiled in a number of operating systems, including Apple OS X, UNIX (Solaris), Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit system platforms have been successfully tested in the majority of them. Different distributions of the software can be downloaded according to the computer hardware and operating system.


Book examples and extra on-line resources

All examples of MATLAB, SIMULINK, SPICE, Cadence, etc. described in the book are included in the following zip files:

First Edition:

Second Edition:

The zip files contain several folders corresponding to the book chapters and appendixes. Note that some SIMULINK examples may require SIMSIDES installed in your computer. Cadence DFWII examples are included for illustration purposes only. The sizing and biasing included in the transistor-level schematic correspond to designs carried out in different nanometer CMOS processes and will not work except if they are simulated in the technologies in which these circuits were designed. In order to allow readers to see these schematics in any technology design kit, transistor symbols views have been linked to a generic “AnalogLib”.


State-of-the-Art Survey

Data analyzed in the state-of-the-art survey presented in both editions of the book have been collected in the following spreadsheet: This excel spreadsheet is periodically kept up to date every year approximately. The last version is updated with data from papers published up to December 2022.